Definitive Guide to Feeding Cannabis Plants Sugar for Max Growth


John from visits the Boogie Brew world Headquarters in Northern California to share with you the best sugars you can feed your cannabis plants for the most growth, flower, and better buds. This is the definitive guide that will cut through all the hype and BS out there.
John will talk to Josh, the founder of boogie brew to get his take on feeding your cannabis plants sugar and why and how it works. You will learn how you can SAVE money and buy the best and most cost-effective sugars to feed your soil and your plants.

You will learn about all the different kinds of sugars you can feed your plants and the pros and cons of each one and which are the best sugars to feed your plants if you want to feed them.

You will also discover how you don’t need to feed sugar to your plants if you build your soil to already be super-rich and have all the nutrients and food for your microbes and plants.

First, you will learn more about the role sugar plays in plant growth, and why you may need it or not.

Next, John and Josh will go over some of the sugar-based fertilizers you can buy at a cannabis grow store and how Josh believes you are getting ripped off when you buy them. You will also learn about two reasonably priced sugar products that are designed for growing cannabis.

Next, you will learn about all the different sugars you can buy at a grocery store or health food store to feed your cannabis plants. You will learn which of these sugars are best and which ones are the worst to use. You will learn why some sugars are better than others.

Finally, you will learn how you can build the best soil so that you never need to use sugars in the first place to spike your plants or boost the microbial growth in your soil by using compost tea and other soil amendments.

Unlock your A-Game!

After watching this episode, you will better understand why cannabis growers feed sugar to their plants and what they are trying to accomplish. You will learn the cheapest way to feed the best sugars to your plants if you want to add sugars to your plants. You will also understand why some growers don’t need to add sugars to their cannabis plants and get even better growth and higher yields.

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