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The legalisation of cannabis in certain US states is fuelling demand for new beauty treatments made with the oil from hemp leaves.
Some industry experts claim it’s the beginning of a new world of beauty and wellness.

Cannabis is taking the industry by storm as the new ‘it’ ingredient to hit the beauty market.
Cannabis products are everywhere, but it’s the CBD oil, cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound in the plant, that is being sought after by people looking for a healing boost.
CBD is known to have anti inflammatory properties and is legal in fifty US states today.
Canna-cure is now making headlines in Hollywood with the lauch of its first cannabis manicure and pedicure, which some people believe offers therapeutic results that relieve and relax.
Bellacures nail salon Beverly Hills, California has joined the Canna-cure party with a raft of products including a CBD scrub, bath bomb, and lotion as well as a CBD chocolate treat.
The salon’s mission statement is to provide relief and relaxation, a message which is already appealing to a string of celebrities.
It’s advocates also claim it can be used to hydrate skin and combat eczema and psoriasis.
Bellacures marketing director Melissa Singer says:
“With the legalization of marijuana in the state of California, we’re seeing an immense amount of products and services that contain CBD oil. CBD oil is cannabidiol oil so it’s extracted from the hemp leaf and it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects so it’s completely legal. You don’t need any special licensing or an ID card of anything like that. We incorporate it into a manicure and pedicure service using a bath bomb, a lotion and a sugar scrub as well as a chocolate and they all have CBD oil in them to enhance the manicure and pedicure relaxation experience.”
According to Singer this is a therapeutic experience aimed at relieving and melting away pain and tension.
She admits you don’t feel immediate effects, but she says clients say they are relaxed when they leave.
The Canni-Mani ($50.00 USD) and Canni-Pedi ($55.00 USS) consist of four steps:
The procedure begins with an organic CBD bath bomb soak with essential oils.
Next comes the grape seed oil rub followed by a CBD hand and foot scrub made from natural sugar cane infused with lavender, rosehips and borage oil to buff away dry rough skin.
CBD lotion, made with aloe juice and blended with botanicals, is then used to enhance the massage.
The service ends with a CBD chocolate in the shape of a heart presented to the client.
Clients here are certainly relaxed, but they can’t pin it down to any specific ingredient.
Kristi Adcock says: “I’ve been wanting to try the Canna-cure. It sounds really relaxing and it is. I’m still tingling a little bit from the whole treatment. The chocolate’s delicious. I didn’t really feel anything from it and I had two pieces but I definitely would like to have a few more of those.”
Jillian Doud says: “The experience was exactly what I was hoping it was going to be. I felt relaxed through the whole entire service and even afterwards I still feel very relaxed and ready to take on my day.”
Olivia Alexander CEO and Founder of Kush Queen, a cannabis lifestyle, health and wellness brand says we’re seeing a new industry, much more than a trend:
“I don’t actually believe it’s a trend. I believe it’s the beginning of a new world of beauty and wellness because the reality is that CBD and THC are anti-inflammatory and aging and the therapeutic benefits that are actually found in CBD and cannabis we’re just unlocking them” says Alexander.

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